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Thousand and one wonders of Uzbekistan- 15 jours

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Come and feel the land of a thousand and one nights in this world of sweetness and hospitality. You will travel through the territory of a light rhythm as Aladdin on his magic carpet. In every city you can enjoy the monuments that adorn the landscape with a radiant charisma. Your pilgrimage gradually leave civilization to find the authenticity and purity of the southern mountains.

• The typical site visit (bazaars, monuments ...).
• The complete discovery of Uzbekistan.
• A small hike in the pure air of the steppe.
• One night in a yurt nomad.

Day 1/  Tashkent-Urgench – Khiva
Arrival in the early morning in the capital, you will discover a city with two faces stalls of spices bazaar Tchorsu the surprising street "Broadway" very westernized. The tour continues with the madrasa Koukeldash sixteenth century. Lunch in the city. Back to the airport and flight to Urgench city where the group will take a bus to Khiva (30 km) near the Turkmen border. Accommodation for two nights in a hotel in the Ichan-Kala, the inner fortress of XVII-XIX century.

Day 2/  Khiva
Guided tour of the city in the morning. Meeting with one of the most remarkable cities of Khorezm oasis. It was the capital of the Khanate in the seventeenth century and one of the great places of trade in Central Asia. Since the renovations made by the Soviets, the Ichan-Kala, the historic center surrounded by ramparts pink clay is a source of wealth authentic palace of the Khans (Kouna the Ark-sixteenth century) to the mosque Friday through Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum and Madrasa of Islom Khoja.
Free time in the afternoon, the opportunity for everyone to discover this beautiful city perfectly preserved by time.

Day 3/  Khiva-Bukhara (480 km)
Early departure to Bukhara. We travel along the river Oxus Alexander the Great (present Amu Darya) in an easterly direction through the desert. In the late afternoon we arrive in town, installation for three nights in our guesthouse.

Day 4 & 5/  Sacred Bukhara
Discovery of this city called "pearl of the desert." It is an essential step of the Silk Road. The city is a hotbed of Islam in Central Asia that we switch straight to the heart of a very eastern atmosphere. The city is home to hundreds of Koranic schools and multiple displays of carpets and jewelry in the continuity of its glorious past sales. This trip will stop at the minarets of Chor Minor, all Poyi-Kalon, the madrasa Ulugbek and Abdoulaziz and numerous monuments of medieval centuries.

Day 6/  Bukhara - Nurata (150 km)
Nurata departure, a large oasis fed by a sacred spring: the "Tchashma" sheltering its sacred fish. We visit the ruins of the fortress Sogdian called "Nour" which was the headquarters of the garrisons of Alexander the Great before the attack on Samarkand. This citadel has the distinction of having been built in the shape of the constellation Ursa Major. We will go to the mosque TCHIL-Ustun Panjvakhta and then that of the mausoleum of Heikh Nuri Abdul Khassan to reach the Kariz, ancient irrigation systems in désert.By the road is planned a stop in the city of Ghijduvon to visit a ceramics workshop. Scheduled night homestay.

Day 7/  Nurata-Haydarkul - Sentop (180 km)
Nurata of us back on the road north to reach the lake Haydarkul 60 km. This lake is located in the middle of the steppe, on-site meeting with sinners, picnic at the lake and swimming if the weather permits. In the afternoon, drive to the village Sentop. Dinner and overnight at the inhabitant.

Day 8/  Sentop – Urazmat
The trek begins early in the morning, we cross the wide valley of Sentop inhabited by Tajik, a green valley dotted with small traditional houses. On our way, we can admire magnificent landscapes, including walnuts over three hundred years, we pass through the cervix OVGA (1800 m), then we will see a show at the lake Fozilmon (Lake Wisdom) we a picnic. Then we had our village redecent another valley. Transfer to the village Urazmat (150 km). Dinner and overnight in a yurt.

Day 9/  Urazmat - Andak - Tepakul
In the early morning we will start hiking in the mountains Nurata through a pass of 1735 m before descending to the village of Andak to meet the villagers. In the late afternoon transfer to the village Tepakul (110 km). Dinner and overnight at the inhabitant. (Running time estimated at 6).

Day 10/  Tepakul - Taragay
The trek will start at dawn towards the Langar Pass (2200 m) which dominates the plain of the valley of Samarkand and Kashgadarya. We can admire the snowy peaks of Pamir. We have a picnic on the neck before going to Taragay, the birthplace of the father of Timur (Tamerlane). We can soak up the atmosphere unusual rural architecture of landscapes. Evening with the villagers we host for the night.

Day 11/  Taragay - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand
Morning departure for Shakhrisabz, Kesh old, birthplace of Tamerlane. We visit the "White Palace" (Ak-Saray XIV s), including the impressive remains of the portal offer unparalleled mosaic decoration. Kok Gumbaz Mosque (fifteenth century), the mausoleum-Gumbazi Seidan well Hazrati Imam Mosque evoking the splendor of this city.
We arrive at Samarkand in the late afternoon. Facility for three nights in our guesthouse "Marokand."

Day 12 & 13/  Samarkand
Capital of Tamerlane, the great city of ancient Sogdiana lies at the crossroads of major trade routes from China, Siberia, Persia and the West. This step alone constitutes an essential point of the journey to understand the power of the dynasty of the Khans at this time. You will be marked by these amazing shades of blue over monuments such as the famous mosque of Bibi Khanum, the Gur-Emir (whose tomb grans conquerors Tamerlane and his descendants) or the famous Registan Square (XV XVII century) never let any traveler indifferent. The night will guest house before leaving in the morning to visit the city museum tracing the history of Central Asia and the Ulugbek Observatory (XV century) which will be discussed the fascinating story of the little son of Tamerlane ... Free time in the afternoon and return in the evening with guest house.

Day14/  Tashkent
Transfer to Tashkent.

White Palace

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