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Crossing from Kizilnura to Grand Chimgan- 15 jours

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A 100% trekking holiday in Uzbekistan, where the beauty of the mountains of Tian Shan is revealed beside the architectural splendor of monuments. From north to south of Uzbekistan, this trip provides the opportunity to walk the confidential Chimgan P mountains before you go through the narrow streets of the cities to enjoy the sweet oriental atmosphere. With an experienced team and a passionate guide, you will discover this country and its hospitality.



-6 days trekking in the western foothills of Tian-shan with unforgettable landscapes.
-DThe summit of Grand Chimgan and its unique panorama.
-Overlooking the breathtaking sights in the cities: Samarkand, Bukhara, Chiwa.
-Culture and history along the Silk Road.


Day 1: Europa -Tashkent
Fly to Tashkent.
Day 2: Tashkent – Kumyskang (1300 m)
Morning arrival in Tashkent. Short city tour, depending on your arrival time. We drive early in the afternoon to Kumuyskang valley, north of Tashkent. We spend the evening with the family of the escort team, who accompany us with the animal in the coming days. Overnight stay in the host family.

Day 3: Kumuyskang- Kizilnura(2730 m)
After we made the breakfast with our guests, we reach the hill on the other side of the village. Below the elevation we find the whole chain of Chimgan and the southern agricultural plains. However, the path leads very slowly, following an old trail. This hike each balcony offers a magnificent view of the countryside and see the shepherds with their sheep in the summer pastures. We cross the pass and hit our tents at the foot of Kizilnura (the "Red Earth" in Uzbek). Overnight in tent.

Day 4:Kizilnura– Kakzai (2240 m)
We start our walk in conjunction with the tips of Kizilnura 600 meters above us. The road winds and steep in places, but without major difficulties. From the top we have a great view: Chatkal, Grand Chimgan, the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and neighboring Kazakhstan and the distant Fergana valley. We follow a long time on the ridge several kilometers before the descent. A series of slopes and descents then takes us to the wide, flat valley Kakzai. Overnight in tent.

Day 5: Kakzai- Barangur (2270 m)
We climb a small hill overlooking our camp in a limestone area, cons strikingly with the ocher country or shell area. We then cross a long plateau without a certain way to follow, amidst wetlands and pastures. Then we reach an old trail at the neck of Aktahta and we follow him to climb up to the top of Barangur. After a few small passports, we go to his feet at the edge of a creek that bears his name to open the camp. Overnight in tent.

Day 6: Barangur- Takhta Pass
We slowly climb into from the valley, enjoying the late sunshine and the atmosphere. A last look at the valley we admire and then return where we spent the night straight and then we go on a simple path. At over 2500 meters, we go without difficulty within a wide elevation, a few peaks and valleys interspersed from time to time. We gradually approach the summit of the Great Chimgan, which finally appears before us, massively and impose in the panorama. It is time for us to put our luggage and enjoy the surrounding view and a good hot tea. Overnight in tent.

Day 7: Takhta Pass- Grand Tschimgan (3310 m) - Kumbel pass (2370 m)
Today we go straight to the summit of the Great Chimgan to 3310 meters! The trail is easy to follow in the footsteps of shepherds and their herds to the left. We leave the south side before we move briefly on the western slope. The tip is overdue, and we have to use our hands to lift ourselves up. This fantastic view, which we consider over 360 Uzbek mountains, Kyrgyz and Kazakhstan. After a few photos, the same way as on the way before they turn the steep slopes of the southern slope to the right of us. Overnight in tent.
Day 8: Kumbel Pass - Beldersay (1530 m) – Tashkent
We continue our descent and find ourselves near the path of the ancient petroglyphs of nearly 9000 years animals then living in the region represents. In the bottom of the valley, the shepherds take their flocks on the hills, while some miserable dwellings filter the smell of baked bread. A little effort and we spend a small pass before the Beldirsay descending. We say goodbye to our team and wish them to take a good return in front of the road to Tashkent. In the late afternoon transfer to the airport for the flight to Urgench. Transfer to Khiva oasis in Khorezm desert. First immersion in the Ichan-Kala (the inner city and fortress), surrounded by walls of bricks and clay from the seventeenth century. Overnight at hotel.
Daz 9: Khiva
Khiva is a city from the fairy tale "Arabian Nights". City tour. You will visit the fortress of Itschan-Kala: Fort Kunja, Mausoleum of Allaudinkhan, Muhammad Aminkhan (XVIIIth century). Meditation of Muhammad Rachimkhan, Kalta Minor, Medieval of Shergasikhan (XVIII century). Continuation of the excursion. Visiting Mosque Djuma (XVIII century) Allakulikhan Medieval, Tash-Khavli Palace, Mausoleum Pakhlovon Makhmud, Minaret Islam Khodja. Overnight at hotel.

Daz 10: Khivaa-Bukhara
While driving through the Kyzylkum desert, you will discover that the apparent wasteland offers. You drive along the Amudarja River, the life-giving stream of Central Asia. In addition, your guide will use the time to tell you interesting things about the country and the people. So you can look forward to a varied ride. Overnight in Bukhara.

Day 11: Bukhara
Bukhara, the city that is in the Zarafshan river valley, has retained its original charm. Once one of the main cities of the Silk Road, where all traders rushed to sell their goods, including carpets and jewelry. Although Islam was born elsewhere, Bukhara was an important focus of its development. The city is home to hundreds of Islamic schools, medresses and so many mosques and sanctuaries. Historical sights such as the Ark (the citadel of I-IV century), the whole Poi-Kalan (XV-XVI century), Ulugbek and Abdul Aziz (XV-XVII century) all Labi-Khouse (XVI-XVII century) recall the Medieval centuries. Overnight at hotel

Day 12: Bukhara - Samarkand

SSamarkand, the "precious pearl of the Orient" looks back as one of the oldest cultural centers in the world with a rich history. Afrosiab, as the legendary capital of ancient Sogd at that time, was the target of conquests by Alexander the Great from the West and Genghis Khan from the East. Amir Timur built his capital here and numerous masterpieces of Islamic architecture testify to the size, power and splendor of his empire. During your first day in Samarkand, visit the imposing mosques and the most beautiful medrres commissioned by Amir Timur and his followers: the Mosque Bibikhanum and the Registan Square with the three medes Ulugbek, Shir-Dar and Tilla-Kari The most beautiful highlights of this trip. In the Mausoleum Gur-Emir, Amir Timur and other kings are buried. Overnight at hotel

Day 13: Samarkand
Samarkand is a vibrant city as religious pilgrimage and market town until today. The necropolis of Shakhi Zinda, on the outskirts of the old town, is visited every day by hundreds of pilgrims who requested their welfare in this sacred place. In the necropolis of Shakhi Zinda, join the pilgrims and admire the fine tiled mausoleums. On your second day in Samarkand, you will be immersed in the lively places of the city. In the great Bazar you will experience the variety of agricultural products. Overnight at hotel.

Day 14: Samarkand- Tashkent
One last morning leaving you to enjoy the most beautiful places and markets of Samarkand. The morning and early afternoon is at your disposal. A train ride in the new express train takes you to Tashkent in the afternoon.

Day 15: Deaprture from Tashkent
Airport transfer. Farewell to the group. Flight to Frankfurt am Main


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