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Some information regarding the organization of your trip in Uzbekistan.

Local team

— A French-speaking Uzbek guide. He has all competences to perform cultural visits in cities.

— For treks in Tajikistan, the Uzbek guide is assisted by a Tajik local guide, or a Tajik interpreter.

— A cook for circuits under tent.

— Muleteers for the porterage of luggage during treks; when camps are accessible in vehicle, luggage is transported by vehicles.

— A driver for all transfers transports (private vehicle) there.


— Each time possible in cities, we favour nights in guests' houses, comfortable and private, traditional accommodations, with private bathroom (shower and hot water) and (unusually triple) double room. These accommodations, where service and reception are very warm, favour the contact with the inhabitants. Guests' home: large well-off home, having several air-conditioned rooms. In the shady court, sheltered from strong summer hot season, you find the charpoï, kind of podium on which are arranged cushions and carpet and where they sit down to have tea and meals.

— When it is possible, we also sleep in the felt traditional yurts.

— Accommodations at the inhabitant: the Uzbek traditional houses have several rooms reserved for receiving families and friends during holidays: marriage, male circumcision... It is here that we will be installed (on thick plaits, 4 - 8 persons pa rpièce) to spend the night. Showers (summaries, but hot) in a place separated from the home.


— In guests' houses: meals prepared by owners.

— In villages crossed during transfers: meal from the restaurant.

— During treks and in mountain: meals are prepared by a cook and his assistants, based on local products. A complement of energetic food (dried fruits, cookies) is given.

Drinks: the mineral water can sell in cities and villages. The water of sources is to deal with cleansing pastilles. The tea is served during meals.

The ffod is good, various and copious. Meals are made up of cold vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.), meats (sheep, chicken, grilled meat, etc.) and dairy products. Very sweet-scented, feeding is not much seasoned on the other hand.

Transport of luggage (trekking)

Every participant moves during the day with a light backpack, carrying only his personal necessary business in day (gourd, camera, clothes of protection, etc.). The rest of the equipment is transported by vehicles or animals up to stage, every evening.

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