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Some general information for your travel to Uzbekistan.

Go to Tashkent

- Uzbekistan Airways direct flights several times a week: from Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Rome.

- Turkish Airlines via Istanbul several times a week: from European capitals and many other cities.

- Aeroflot via Moscow or Saint Petersburg.


- A passport valid for six months after the return date of your trip

- Uzbekistan: visa

- Tajdikistan: a visa in this country and a double-entry visa Uzbekistan.

You will need to send in your registration, a scan of the first four pages of your passport, necessary for the issuance of tickets for domestic flights and / or purchase of train tickets.


Continental. The winters are very cold: only low-lying areas lend themselves semi-desert yet to travel.

- Uzbekistan can be discovered throughout the year. In winter, travel arrangements in regions of Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, where there are few visitors, unlike the summer (daytime temperatures of 0 to - 15 ° C cold and dry). Spring and autumn are the best times, the sky is clear and the extraordinary brightness (temperatures cool in the evening, but pleasant day). The summer bearable dry heat rather well (temperature 30-35 ° C).

Ceremony toast

In Uzbekistan, the ceremony toast is codified. In guesthouses, it is not uncommon to see the master or mistress toast. More over, it is sometimes possible to get invited to a ceremony, including performing wedding photos. Then it is your right to party with your guests. During these ceremonies, men and women are separated. Each guest toast (vodka), accompanied by a long speech. If you have the opportunity to participate, you will be required to make a speech of ten minutes in French, your guide translated into Russian. It is often difficult to leave these ceremonies. We advise you to thank your guests warmly, empty your glass and then leave. Remember that it is difficult for a man to refuse a drink offered because it can be considered offensive.

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