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Here is a list of the equipment to be taken during your trip in Uzbekistan.

For circuits Discovery and Culture modules (accommodation in guests' houses (or hotel)

Basic equipment

— Adapted clothes of trip, with spares

— A cap or a hat

— Sunglasses


— Light, ventilated shoes, with a good sticking on the different fields


— A travel bag of adapted capacity


— A swimsuit

— A vanity case

For circuits Trekking and the modules of Trek (accommodation at the inhabitant, under tent)

Basic equipment

— Breathable underwear (quick drying)

— A polar fur

— A waterproof and breathable jacket in Goretex

— Trousers of walk

— A cap or a hat

— Sunglasses

— A pair of gloves

— A mantle of rain

— A gourd (or pocket with water, pipette)

Shoes and technical equipment

— Waterproof shoes, in going up stem and a sole giving a good sticking

— A frontal lamp

— Telescopic sticks of walk

Sleeping arrangements

— A sleeping bag:

• for June, September and October: temperature of comfort – 5 °C / - 10 °C

• for July and August: temperature of comfort + 5/0 °C


— A backpack of a capacity from 25 to 30 litres, for your business of the day

— A travel bag from 80 to 100 litres, flexible, transported the day by the team of porterage or by the Various vehicle

— Clothes of spare

— A swimsuit

— A vanity case and a bath towel

— Moisturised towels type lingettes

— A jackknife

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